What is the Metabolic Recipe?

After the success achieved with the printed Receptors I and II of the Metabolic Slimming Program (MSP), it gave us the motivation to carry out this Metabolic Recipe with the intention of making people aware that the integration between nutrition and metabolism , is the key to the successful treatment of patients who are overweight or obese and who also frequently suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, as a consequence of inadequate nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Metabolic Recipe is a formal proposal that has the intention of explaining the connection that exists between the foods that we eat daily, the effects that cause in our organism and the relation with a favorable state of health. All this through a set of recipes elaborated in a simple, varied and balanced way, that include in its composition all the groups of foods that combined in an adequate way, have the essential characteristics to provide a good diet because they have the macro and micronutrients from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as minerals, vitamins and trace elements. This condition makes the recipes presented here, are made with foods of high nutritional value but low in calories thus helping people feel a feeling of fullness for longer, ie have more control over appetite.

Another feature that we seek with The Metabolic Recipe Book that we put at your disposal is simply to provide some nutritional options that help you in your goal of weight loss, measures and significantly reduce those Cardiometabolic Risk Factors that have been shown without place doubts, to be related to: Type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, atherosclerotic disease, cerebrovascular accidents, some types of cancer, obesity, among many others.

Finally, we want to show you from the Metabolic Slimming Program MSP, that the concept of “being on a diet” does not mean eating in a boring and complicated way, with rare foods, insipid and in insignificant quantities, quite the contrary, the purpose is to offer patients and the general public new ideas, combinations and gourmet recipes so that the experience of healthy eating and losing weight is a pleasant experience for both the body and the palate.