What is the Metabolic Recipe?

After the success achieved with the printed Receptors I and II of the Metabolic Slimming Program (MSP), it gave us the motivation to carry out this Metabolic Recipe with the intention of making people aware that the integration between nutrition and metabolism , is the key to the successful treatment of patients who are overweight […]



Beef is a good source of protein and contains all the essential amino acids for the organism. Discover how to make preparations with beef in a simple, varied and delicious way.

Chicken / Birds

Chicken is a rich source of proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. Experience our variety of delicious, simple and nutritious chicken-based recipes.

Dressings and Sauces

Sauces and Dressings are the special touch for many dishes, particularly for salads. They are easy to make, so we invite you to experiment with our diversity of dressings and sauces recipes.

Entries and Salads

Speaking of salads is more than talking about lettuce with tomato, let your imagination fly and we invite you to enjoy and color your dish with rich and nutritious salads and / or cold or hot entrances as main dishes without needing to be bored.


Fish contains high quality proteins and amino acids that are essential for the organism. We present a variety of simple recipes made with fish so you can enjoy all its benefits.

Light Drinks

We present a series of refreshing drinks without calories to accompany your meals or combat the heat and keep you hydrated. Choose from a variety of juices, smoothies and cold infusions.

Light Sweets

Experience a variety of light and healthy dessert recipes, so you do not have to give up giving yourself a sweet temptation while taking care of your weight. Although they are lighter than a normal dessert, they are equally delicious.

Lightweight Tips Celebrations

Surprise your guests with this variety of healthy and easy-to-make snack ideas that you can serve at home celebrations or special occasions.


Learn how to prepare a rich and healthy marinated meat, chicken and fish to give them flavor and a secret touch to your meals.


Discover how to enjoy a delicious and healthy pasta dish without remorse, such as our famous "Pasta al Filetto Di Pomodoro", either for a special day or simply for the day to day.


Take the taste of the sea to your table, an exquisite and very nutritious option since they contain many healthy nutrients in their composition and although they are low-fat ingredients, they contain minerals and vitamins, discover here a variety of delicious and simple recipes with seafood.

Soups and creams

Find here a variety of recipes for soups and creams, easy and quick to make that you will love.


Vegetables are always a healthy option because they provide vitamins and minerals ideal for a balanced and nutritious diet. Discover how to prepare them in a varied, tasty and fast way.